UNLI Do It Yourself

A free application to transform the city together

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To access the application on the day of its release and be kept informed



Add the options and uses you want to a photo, comment on your proposal and invite others to participate...


View users’ ideas for your neighbourhood or your city, organise the proposals by theme, date...


Discover the ideas of users around the world and compare the urban transformations envisioned in different countries.


Edit a report analysing the proposals conceived in your neighbourhood. The report is then given to elected officials to transform your city. This option will be the subject of a crowd-funding campaign to fund the necessary R&D project.


Improve world cities, district by district

Unlimited Cities DIY will allow everyone to give their ideas for the public spaces of a neighbourhood and share them with the other city inhabitants. User-friendly, the app structures these ideas to communicate them to professional designers and local authorities.

Offer the ability to act together to make cities more liveable

Unlimited Cities DIY will be the missing link in urban transformations between the needs and desires of individuals and how they can be taken into account by local authorities.

Use artificial intelligence for citizens’ creativity

Unlimited Cities DIY will be a public design tool associated with an artificial intelligence that will enable to automatically structure the results collected on a large scale. The organised data will then be easily usable by policy makers.

Appropriate and humanize the digital city

Free and playful, the aim of the Unlimited Cities DIY app is for the digital to be at the service of citizens and associations, enabling them to participate directly in improving the quality of life of urban territories.



In line with the collaborative planning tool Unlimited Cities Pro, the UFO start-up shares its experience of collective intelligence tools dedicated to collaborative urbanism, by developing the free application Unlimited Cities DIY.


7 Billion Urbanists

This non-profit association based in London, Mexico City and Paris is designed to disseminate collaborative urbanism ideas and encourage Unlimited Cities DIY to be applied to different urban contexts.


The architecture and urban planning agency HOST contributes to the development of the application by bringing its own vision of the contributory city. A city where public space is thought of as a valuable resource to maintain and protect, in line with the logic of the commons.


To access the application on the day of its release and be kept informed


Thank you to the Institut Mines Télécom, Futuring Cities, Futur en Seine, Cap digital, Advancity, the Ile de France Region, Métropolis.